Olle Oljud

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Playing live or other events:


sound installation at Mackmyra brukspark, Valbo.
6 juni till 30 september, 2012.



Olle Oljud live in Mimer, Norbergfestival 2003
photo by Marcus


What is music? Organised sounds?

Olle is my forename and Oljud is meaning something like unsound/noise/cacophony in swedish, and was coined by a friend.
My music is mostly electronic or electronically manipulated through
lot of effect boxes and so on. I love drones, and therefore a lot of my material is a mix of drones, ambient noise and voices in long delay :-)
It could also be more noisy, post mortem and power electronics.
And it could also be improvised sounds, electro-acoustic music
and a lot other things.

Contact me:




music have been made (and is still made) with the following equipment:
Ensoniq eps 16 plus. Casio sk-1. Casio sk-200. Modified radio. Modified toys/sound devices (circuit bent)
modified keyboards. acoustic guitars, toy guitars, harmonica, recorders, various homebuilt string instruments,
feedback, field recordings. microphones, contact microphones, kaosspads, effect pedals, laptop and computersounds, tape-recorder, vinyl decks, didgeridoo, homebuilt electronic devices etc..