Olle Oljud

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collaborations and other projects


If you want to collaborate or work with me,
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Spring 2011, Remix project for Ström, P2, Swedish Radio

with Frøydis Dahlø as Olle Oljud vs Fröy Stöy.
Push-festival 2011


with Iréne Sahlin as OLJUD I REN PANIK!
(photos from Vindöga, Sandviken, 2007)
(photos from a gig at Kulturkiosken Gävle, 2008)
Playing at the 10th Anniversary of IDKA, 10 december 2009

with Miss Anki feat. MC Olla
(photo from a gig at Kulturkiosken, 2009)
(video at Youtube )
Live at the 10th Anniversary of IDKA, 10 december 2009

Avslutsbrus, January 27th, 2010 at IDKA Kulturkiosken Gävle
Poesidagen, March 13th, 2010 Gävle Stadsbibliotek

18 march, 2010 PUSH festival. Gävle

with Johan Sundberg as Sundberg & Åberg Duo


with The Sound Quartet

with Tryggve Lund (Enavomi, Origami Traumatika)
as Origami Gotlandika.
(pictures from a gig at Fylkingen, Stockholm 2009)


with a lot of people in Analoga Institutet


Other projects:

The Jaragak Project
ambient soundscapes

Origami Imminim och Or-im

Andreas Grebeaux och Passage-n